438 SE 61st St.

Topeka, KS  66619

February 2007, Houser Enterprises, Inc. began as a trucking company. David Houser is the sole owner and the President of the company. The company started with one over the road tractor leased to FedEx Ground. David himself and one co-driver operated that tractor for the first year. David had the belief that with hard work and dedication he could build a successful business and provide for his family.


March 2008, Houser Enterprises, Inc. expanded to three tractors with two dedicated runs and one extra board run with FedEx Ground. Again, David was in one of the tractors continually training drivers with the belief that the company could and would expand larger.


July 2011, David met Mike Dorsey. Mike was the shop foreman for Commercial Fleet Repair. It only took David a very short time to realize that Mike had the same desire to succeed that he himself had. Houser Enterprises, Inc. used Commercial Fleet repair for its repair and maintenance just long enough to build the cash flow to be able to expand and do the repair and maintenance in-house.


april 2014, Houser Enterprises, Inc. opened the Tractor, Trailer and Fleet Repair Division of the company, which not only performs all maintenance and repair on its own tractors, but also offers full and complete maintenance and repair for any and all companies. As part of the shop, Houser Enterprises, Inc. also has three 24/7 emergency road side repair trucks on call for breakdowns on the road, with the ability to perform on-site preventative maintenance at a customer’s location.


today, Houser Enterprises, Inc. is a successful trucking company and a full-service maintenance and repair shop, which provides in-house repairs and maintenance with 24/7 roadside repair.


If an individual or company requires maintenance or repair on their tractor, trailer, tractor trailer, or fleet of tractors, buses, or cars, they can contact Houser Enterprises, Inc. We will take care of it. We offer on-site maintenance and repair. No job is too big and no job is too small for Houser Enterprises, Inc.


438 S.E. 61st Street

Topeka KS 66619